Technical information for construction products

Metal products for construction

1. Lattice flooring, channel grilles and metal drainage channels

Lattice grills are load-bearing, planar building elements, consisting of parallel longitudinal support rods fixed at equal distances and intersected perpendicularly at equal distances by transverse rods, which form regular holes on the above 70% of the total area.

Their application is as floor elements in beam structures, most often when allocating areas for people to cross, vehicles, sites, escape stairs, walkways, towers, chimneys, bridges, etc..

Advantages of lattice grills are their high load-bearing capacity, non-retention of snow and ice, low curb weight, easy assembly and disassembly. Their lattice structure allows good transmission of light and air.

According to the customer's needs, these products can be manufactured with the required dimensions, thickness, networks and meet the required load capacity. /see attached table /. Fasteners for all types of grills to all standard profiles of load-bearing structures are also available.

Basic concepts:

• Support rods - support rails located perpendicularly
on the grill supports. They absorb and transmit the main load to the supports.

• Transverse bars - perpendicular to the bearing rails, which stabilizes the structure and absorbs part of the load. They can be from a bus, twisted square or rod Ø5.

• Edging rods - in most cases identical to the bearing rails.
They shape the size of the grid.

• Step / grid – the center-to-center distances between the bearing rails and the crossbars.

• Grille length - the size in the direction of the crossbars.

• Lattice grille width - the size in the direction of the bearing rails.

• Coverage – all products can be made without coating,
primed or hot-dip galvanized.

Lattice gutters and metal drainage channels - designed for drainage of buildings and outdoor areas. They are also made with the possibility of locking.

There are also individual grilles complete with frames for covering concrete channels, corresponding to the required load class.

Types of grate

2. Staircases

Suitable for use in industrial structures, fitted with anti-slip L-profile made of sheet metal with holes or of corrugated sheet metal and side plates with fastening holes.

3. Lids, lids and zinc trays

Wide range of black and galvanized sheets for plumbing, sewer, drains and other types of shafts.

1.1. Lids and covers

1.2. Zinc trays with frames

4. Industrial fences

Lattice type fences, complete with load-bearing pylons and fasteners. They are installed on a built cement site or are concreted at the time of installation. They are equipped with single wings, double-leaf and sliding doors with manual or motorized movement.

* All products can be produced, as specified, and at the customer's request sizes.

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